My heart sank as I read yet another magazine from the grocery store checkout promising me the perfect weight loss plan.


Thank you skinny lady on the cover for telling me that if I eat a half a piece of chicken breast and some broccoli for lunch and a…

VULNERABLE MOMENT. This is the intro to the documentary made about me in 2016.

Have you ever woken up every day, for many days in a row, with a feeling of ‘I’m just going to get through this day.’?

And same frustrations, the same insecurities, the same issues crop up…

Oh how the mighty have fallen. I just have to laugh at where my life is right now.

I hope you’re crushing it and making awesome decisions… for both of us.

I’m kind of joking, but kind of not. I used to be the Bootcamp Queen, then an Obstacle Course…

Rhino Julie

Rhino Julie is the Foodie, Fit-In-Your-Jeans Queen and is the owner of the Rhino Gums and the Rhino Ninja Gym.

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