VULNERABLE MOMENT. This is the intro to the documentary made about me in 2016.

Have you ever woken up every day, for many days in a row, with a feeling of ‘I’m just going to get through this day.’?

And same frustrations, the same insecurities, the same issues crop up day after day after day?

And you know you need something BIG to shake you up, to WAKE you up, but you’re not even sure what you want is possible?

This was me. I had never met anyone who was like me and made it OUT. For good. …

I used to hate the word accountability.

To me, it meant someone making me do something I didn’t want to do.

Now, I am a changed woman.

Before I became a changed woman:

🦏 I didn’t realize I need to choose SMALL things I can (and want to) do first

🦏 I didn’t realize that I can’t stay motivated unless I am celebrating the small successes on a routine basis

🦏 I didn’t realize being hard on myself hurts my progress.

Now, accountability to me means ‘Choosing something I know I can do that will help me get the results…

Oh how the mighty have fallen. I just have to laugh at where my life is right now.

I hope you’re crushing it and making awesome decisions… for both of us.

I’m kind of joking, but kind of not. I used to be the Bootcamp Queen, then an Obstacle Course Racer and then a CrossFit Games hopeful.

Now, here I am making a 10 minute ‘At Work’ desk workout for my Rhino-1–1 at-home tribe and I got shaky, out of breath and my leg started bleeding again*.

BUT, it was my first real workout in 3 weeks after my injury*…

I feel like almost everyone in my health and fitness field fell in love with exercise and vegetables and then decided to make it their career.

Not me.

16 years ago I was miserable inside and out.

I was 65 pounds heavier and owned a little print advertising business.

My confidence had dropped so low I was uncomfortable taking client meetings.

I was actually uncomfortable doing anything that involved other people.

I loved being by myself, in my comfy PJ’s.

I pushed myself to work hard on my business and make something of my life, but my weight ‘weighed on…

Okay, it wasn’t a shark, but the dog bite seriously looks like one.

I started Monday ready to rock and roll on my new program.

Super excited to do my part to save the World from sickness and sadness with a small little army of Rhinos committing to ONE habit every ONE week with me until we all feel amazing, confident and IN COMMAND of our bodies and health.

Then, I tried to save a dog who was choking and he took a massive chunk out of my leg. If you like gory things, you can go here to see the video.

If you can’t stomach gory things, it’s worse than you might think so don’t go watch. The bite literally left pieces of my flesh on the ground.

I’m not trying…

I recently asked entrepreneurs their biggest health struggle and Kristin said:

Kristin had to take over her office admin’s role post-covid and has a LOT more responsibilities than she used to. She said she gets in the zone and forgets to eat or move around.

I completely identify with this! In my business, COVID overworked all of us as well. It’s like we were running two businesses instead of one.

I didn’t try to take care of myself until 2016. …

Robert Machado of Machado Visuals said ‘I bought a new camera and new lighting and I want to shoot a commercial for Camp Rhino.’

Inside I was like ‘Aaaack, I haven’t lost all my quaranpounds yet and I’m in the middle of launching a Summit…’

On the outside I was like ‘You name the time and day and I’ll rally the Rhinos to come be in our commercial!’

(Here’s the commercial… love it)

I have decided that 2021 is not going to take me by surprise.

I am doing everything in my power to launch into 2021 with all…

I wish I was figuratively speaking, but no, I’m serious. Once in my 20’s and once in my 30’s, so far I’m getting punched in the face once a decade in adulthood. Maybe you’re like me and you can take a lot personally. People can make fun of us, people can emotionally bully us, and we repeat the words ‘sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt us’ over and over. Which is so not true. We think ‘we can take it, we will just turn the other cheek because that’s what we’ve been taught…

I went on a mountain top yesterday to answer this question: Who do I want to talk to when I’m writing an article, making a Youtube video, or recording a Podcast?

I’m practicing what I preach and I am actively attracting my tribe of people. The ones I want to ride the river of life with. This video episode below is FULL of important over-sharing so don’t miss it.

The video version of this is recommended…it has some extra stuff I just couldn’t quite get right in writing…

I want to talk to people who haven’t given up, people…

Get excited, you’re about to hear the first step to take to fix your business!

In these upcoming episodes, I am NOT ONLY going to tell you what to do to fix your business, I am ALSO going to show you. I will be fixing my own businesses right along side of you. Think of this as the business education you always wish you had.

My businesses are struggling after the shut down, too. We were closed for 72 days and in Las Vegas, many people in the entertainment industry and on the strip have lost their jobs. …

Rhino Julie

Rhino Julie helps entrepreneurs put their health first so they can be more successful and have a greater impact on the World.

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